Our most requested language. We teach English to both children and adults.


We offer Spanish classes for foreigners. We have students of different nationalities! Korean, Irish, Chinese .....


We offer different language classes for both children and adults. We are characterized by great flexibility, that is, we will adjust the courses according to the demand and the objectives of each student.

Adult courses vary according to the needs of the students. There will be a level test and a small preliminary interview to determine the student's objectives and adjust the courses to general language learning or to the preparation of official exams. Although these courses follow a more formal methodology than the children's, the approach is always very communicative and dynamic, using games and complementary activities to make learning the language practical and entertaining.


Experience has shown us the richness of learning a language naturally, just as we learn the mother tongue.

At Move Languages we offer English classes for children of all ages, in small groups, at all levels. We want to change the vision that many children have towards learning. The languages bring a whole world of possibilities and we want to transmit that fantastic and fun side that is often left out. Play and closeness are key ingredients for our courses. We believe that learning a new language should not be a boring obligation and, although it is true that more and more are demanded and necessary, a dose of humor and practicality safe that help to live them otherwise.

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